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Insurance Information

New Day Chiropractic Clinic’s goal is to make your treatment at our facilities extremely simple when it comes to your insurance benefits and working with your insurance company.

Our highly trained staff have been trained to take as much of the burden off of you regarding your insurance issues.

    Insurance possibilities are:

  1. ❖Health insurance through your employer

  2. ❖Health insurance through your spouse's employer

  3. ❖General health insurance you may have purchased independently

  4. ❖Automobile insurance on your vehicle

  5. ❖Automobile insurance from the vehicle in which you were a passenger

    We will completely verify all of your benefits and explain your coverage.

    We accept most all benefits and file them at no charge to you.

    Insurance benefit coverages vary widely depending on how the injury happened.

    At our facilities you will not have to worry, we will make sure your case is handled properly.

    Your care is our primary concern.

    Auto accident injuries require proper documentation and special attention and our professional doctors and staff take care of everything.


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